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  1. Spooky things will happen when you use #trick or #treat in your tweet today.
  2. It's going to be a tough decision for the judge of our costume contest today. @magnuson seems to be a high contender
  3. There's officially a list for that!
  4. Update on SMS and Direct Message email bugs
  5. Lists test is being temporarily disabled
  6. Not receiving emails for Direct Messages
  7. SMS problems still being worked on
  8. Since last week was so crazy we missed #appwednesday. Time to catch up: @tweetsaver @digsby @simplytweet @OneRiot @tweed...keep 'em coming!
  9. SMS problems being worked on
  10. Just watched one of the new Airtel commercials running in India about Twitter SMS - beautifully done.
  11. Rocking out to @bananasmc's free song "Save me, San Francisco" on #musicmonday.
  12. Looking forward to hearing about @biz's adventure in Brazil and recapping this awesome week at TeaTime later today.
  13. Expanding Lists feature to 5 percent
  14. Be patient @YourTango. We promise it'll be worth the wait.
  15. RT @ChloeS: Two Twittery ways to GET IN THE (football) GAME: WaPo & CBS Sports live Twitter chat, 3pm ET Sat: http: ...
  16. Tweets coming soon to @google. Nice!
  17. Bing Goes the Dynamite!
  18. Elevated error rate being worked on
  19. What's the most interesting Twitter story you've heard recently that shows the value of open exchange? Here's one:
  20. Responding to network connectivity problems